What is RMP and Other Frequently Ask Questions

1. Is the Registered Marketing Professional® (RMP) Certification under the Philippine Regulations Commission?

No, it is not. The certification is industry-initiated, brought on by the need of companies to have skilled marketing graduates

2. Will getting an RMP Certification ensure employment?

Employability depends on a lot of factors. An RMP Certification is just one of the many things that companies consider when hiring new graduates: grades, involvement in marketing endeavours in school, personality and aptitude tests, etc. Hiring also depends on the availability of jobs.

Those who have been certified, though, have a higher chance of being employed because the company already knows that they have the skills to do the job.

4. What is the passing mark?

Students should get an overall score of 60% but no grades in the individual subjects should be below 50%

5. What if you fail in the individual subjects but pass overall?

Those who failed in two subjects but passed the overall average requirement will be given a conditional status and will need to retake the exams of the subjects that they failed in.

6. What if you fail RMP? Can you retake?

You can only retake the RMP Certification Program thrice.

7. How much does it cost?

The cost of taking the examinations is P7,900. Students of member-schools of the Junior Achievement Philippines, Inc. (JAPI) are given a huge discount. They can take the exam for only P2,900. Schools who enlist their students to take the exams are also given discounts. Marginalized students are given full subsidy.

8. What are the requirements to avail of the full subsidy?

Marginalized students should just present an endorsement from their school that they are marginalized.

9. After taking the certification, where can an examinee get his/her certificate?

Students can get their certificate at the JAPI Office at the 7th floor, Room 702 of the Emilia Building, 1299 Batangas Street, Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City.  They should present their student diploma, transcript of records and curriculum vitae.

10. Is the certification globally-recognized?

The certification is only recognized in the Philippines. However, educational and corporate partners are internationally-recognized.