Second Run of Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) Review Sessions Set this Dec. 22, 2020

The second run of the Success Institute Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) Review Sessions starts this Dec. 22, 2020.

RMP Certification Exam is set this March 6, 2021.

RMP is a designation for passing the exam, proving the competency and capabilities of marketing graduates and professionals grasp on the fundamental principles of marketing in relation to the the day-to-day challenges of running and growing a business.

In addition, passing the RMP Certification indicate that passers are at par with the international standards of what a marketing graduate and professionals should be.

Success Institute is one of the top RMP Review Centers in the country. It’s main differentiation is that the lecturers are marketing practitioners and entrepreneurs.

Enrollment is ongoing. Register at and submit the necessary requirements to become part of the next batch.