Play the Marketing game: Be a Certified RMP

You can play your favorite game the whole day but where will it lead you?

Hindi masama maglaro. Masarap at stimulating ang experience. Kaya lang, if you will just play game the whole time paano na ang future mo.

What if, you play game but you allot time for your self-development?

I mean, you have to take your Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) Certification. In that way, you will have a chance to get better opportunities.

Better opportunities mean better future.

What can RMP give you?

  1. It confirms your competence on marketing.
  2. It gives you an edge over other marketing graduates.
  3. It gives you a vast network of RMP professionals.

If you are the Hiring Manager, Hindi ba between an RMP Certified Marketing Graduate versus a Marketing Graduate sino pipiliin mo?

Kaya get your RMP Certification na and to make it easier for you, we at Success Institute provides an RMP review to assist you in reaching your dreams of becoming an RMP Certified.

Kaya, tara na – message us on Facebook. Let us start your review session ASAP!

The RMP Certification is open to all graduating Marketing students of different colleges and universities. Entry-level marketing professionals and graduating business students who want to specialize in Marketing may also take the exam.

Success Institute offers RMP Exam Review this September and can help you apply for an examination slot as a JA Philippines partner institution.