Natatakot ka ba sa future?

Almost everyone you age are worried about the future. But who can predict what will happen to you? Hindi ba ikaw lang?

Kaya why not stand-up and make a decision to control your future? Today we never expected that pandemic to happen but those that are thriving have one commonality – they are mentally prepared and competently skilled.

Pwede ka din naman na maging katulad nila. One of the steps you can take is validate your competencies as a graduating marketing student or as a graduate of marketing.


You can take the Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) Exam and get that RMP title at the end of your name, when you passed it.

Companies are looking for competent marketers that is at par with the international standards. RMP Certification can give you that!

The best thing is we can help you achieve that. Paano?

We have review classes to prepare you with the exam. Taking a review like what law students and civil service examinees makes achieving your goal easy!

Ayos ba!

After reaching this point, our advice is stop worrying about the future, control your future.

Enroll at the review class, take the exam and be prepared to create your future.

When you do you will have a #betternormal and a #betterfuture.

The RMP Certification Examination is open to all graduating Marketing students of different colleges and universities. Entry-level marketing professionals and graduating business students who want to specialize in Marketing may also take the exam.

Success Institute offers RMP Exam Review this September and can help you apply for an examination slot as a JA Philippines partner institution. Message us on Facebook Messenger to know more!