Mass Marketing strategy no longer works – Seth Godin

We will be sharing recorded talks about the Marketing Profession from esteemed personalities. On this post, we are sharing a TED Talk from marketing guru Seth Godin.

What marketers used to do is make average products for average people. That’s what mass marketing is. Smooth out the edges; go for the center; that’s the big market. They would ignore the geeks, and God forbid, the laggards. It was all about going for the center. But in a world where the TV-industrial complex is broken, I don’t think that’s a strategy we want to use any more. I think the strategy we want to use is to not market to these people because they’re really good at ignoring you. But market to these people because they care. These are the people who are obsessed with something. And when you talk to them, they’ll listen, because they like listening — it’s about them. And if you’re lucky, they’ll tell their friends on the rest of the curve, and it’ll spread. It’ll spread to the entire curve.

– Seth Godin, “How to get your ideas to spread,” TED2003

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