What are the benefits of the Registered Marketing Professional® certification program?

The continuous roll-out of the Registered Marketing Professional® (RMP) certification program in the country goes on, and part of the journey to improve the marketing profession, we are presenting you brief information about the RMP, its purpose and the long-term benefits it entails to the school, its students and its faculty.

What is the Registered Marketing Professional® (RMP) certification

The RMP certification program is a certification exam for marketing students who are about to enter the job market.

It works as a license exam to give prospective employers a peek into the applicant’s knowledge of marketing concepts and skills as marketing professionals.

What’s included in the RMP certification program?

The certification program includes two parts: Theoretical and Case Analysis.

The theoretical part checks what the student has learned so far in school, while the Case Analysis part features case studies that will test the students’ abilities to apply the concepts into real-life work situations.

Who is preparing the examination?

The theoretical and case study parts of the examination are prepared by industry practitioners who work for top corporations in the country as well as reputable international academic partners.

What does the RMP certification exam cover? 

The examination’s scope are revolved around various topics in Marketing including Brand Management, Services Marketing, Sales and Sales Management, Marketing Management, E-Marketing and Advertising.

Why is there a need for the RMP certification?

With a lot of graduates of business-related courses including Marketing entering the job market every year, the competition is already stiff – and as an underappreciated profession, marketers are needed to be recognized.

Junior Achievement of the Philippines (JAPI) together with the Chartered Association of Marketing and Business Professionals saw the opportunity to uplift the profession by establishing the RMP certification program to help marketers stand out from the rest.

How long has the RMP certification program been running?

Since its initial run in 2011, the RMP program has certified more than 500 professionals from various industries related to Marketing.

Who are the academic partners for the RMP certification program?

The RMP program has the backing of McGraw Hill Education, Oxford Business Group and Pearson for its educational materials.

How does the RMP program help students?

By passing the RMP certification examination, the student will be recognized as a Registered Marketing Professional®, and this can be added as a title in his/her name.

Having this title as a validation of his/her marketing skills puts them in the priority list by hiring managers, getting them hired immediately. Passing the RMP certification program also helps the students build their self-confidence.

In addition, RMP partner Q2 HR Solutions offers free career consultancy services for RMP title-holders.

What are the benefits of the RMP program for the schools/academe?

By participating in the RMP program, the school will have an instant assessment of its college marketing curriculum and teaching practices, and will have access to updated lesson plans and a curriculum that is in line with the changing times.

As the students produce good performance in the certification exams, the school’s brand equity increases. the Best Marketing School is recognized by Junior Achievement through its Seal of Excellence, putting the school at the pedestal of producing skilled and highly-competitive graduates.

Active participation in the RMP program also recognizes the school’s contribution in professionalizing the field of Marketing.

How will Faculty members benefit from the RMP program?

As the need for an updated marketing curriculum is given emphasis, the professors and faculty will be offered free post-graduate training by industry professionals from top corporations such as IBM, Toyota, DHL, and DDB among others.

What is Junior Achievement?

Junior Achievement is the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy through experiential, hands-on programs, helping more than 93 million students worldwide in partnership with various public and private organizations.

How old is Junior Achievement in the Philippines?

Started in January 1969, Junior Achievement of the Philippines (JAPI) will reach its 50th year anniversary in 2019.

Success Institute, a division of Ex-Link Management and Marketing Services, offers Registered Marketing Professional® (RMP) Review, as well as help reviewers coordinate in applying for the certification examination, as authorized by Junior Achievement of the Philippines Inc. and the Chartered Association of Marketing and Business Professionals. 

With more than a decade of marketing expertise, the people of Success Institute support marketers in their journey to be certified RMPs so they can stand out from the rest.

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