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Marketers, people still read news on Facebook

Facebook is still far and away the site Americans most commonly use for news, with little change since 2017. About four-in-ten Americans (43%) get news on Facebook. The next most commonly used site for news is YouTube, with 21% getting news there, followed by Twitter at 12%. Smaller portions of Americans (8% or fewer) get news…
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Generation Z looks forward to be financially independent

Today, more than one in 20 young college graduates can’t find a job, and one in ten are underemployed. Millennials were forced to turn to side-gigs and freelancing to make ends meet and by 2027, the majority of the US workforce could be freelancers. Gen Z, however, has learned from the mistakes of millennials and…
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Devise a Call to Action

Calls-to-action, or CTAs for short, are essentially the gateway between a website page that already is getting traffic or is promoted (like a blog post) and the well-crafted landing page you just built. They use the desire we all have to click on buttons to drive qualified leads to the landing page, which then sells…
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Don’t rely on Google now for 100% of your e-marketing strategy

“[…] Soon, you may be having to fork over commissions to Google for a large portion of your new customers, so acting now is like insurance against future spend. […]”

Mass Marketing strategy no longer works – Seth Godin

We will be sharing recorded talks about the Marketing Profession from esteemed personalities. On this post, we are sharing a TED Talk from marketing guru Seth Godin.

What are the benefits of the Registered Marketing Professional® certification program?

The continuous roll-out of the Registered Marketing Professional® (RMP) certification program in the country goes on, and part of the journey to improve the marketing profession, we are presenting you brief information about the RMP, its purpose and the long-term benefits it entails to the school, its students and its faculty.

The Best Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) Review Center

The beginning of the Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) offered by the Junior Achievement Philippines Inc. (JAPI) ushered the importance of competency audit of the graduating marketing students and marketing professionals. Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) The Registered Marketing Professional (RMP) is a recognition given to graduating marketing students and marketing professionals worldwide. RMP exams are conducted…
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The Words and Phrases to Use — and to Avoid — When Talking to Customers

  The key to any successful relationship is effective communication. In the business world, this means trying to understand what consumers and clients are saying, and responding to them in ways that reflect that understanding. For the most part, however, the way businesses have used language to persuade, satisfy, or rectify has been more art…
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